Every year in February the SUFI Festival takes place (http://worldsacredspiritfestival.org). During this festival, high-caliber musicians play traditional music from Rajasthan. As a special treat, ANSHULA decided short-notice to take the 25 girls of the Sambhali Boarding Home to attend “the children concert” at the Chowkelao Bagh below the Mehranghar Fort. The Director of the Fort generously sponsored the entrance fees and even reserved seats for all the girls. Thank you very much, Mr. Karni Jasol, for this noble gesture!

The girls attentively listened to the fabulous performance of the young musicians who all come from villages in the Thar desert, they heartily applauded and even sung along. And last but not least: they were very much looking forward to another treat on the way back: ice-cream… A special thanks to the sponsor of the ice-cream and Photographer, Dominik Landwehr!