Current projects for which ANSHULA needs your support:

Scholarship Projects
The aim of ANSHULA, the Sudarshan Deo Charitable Trust and Sambhali Trust is to send children from the Dalit caste and from underprivileged families from the Muslim community to a private school in their neighbourhood where they can be together with their little friends and neighbors, but at the same time receive a good basic education. The progress and school attendance of the children is continually checked by ANSHULA, the Sudarshan Deo Trust and Sambhali. After completion of their basic education, talented children are given the opportunity to continue their education.
To support a child to go to school, the costs are CHF 120.00 – 240.00 per year, depending on age and school.

This includes all costs for enrolment, monthly school fee, the compulsory school uniform (including shoes, socks, school bag), school material, as well as one warm, healthy meal per day. Any contribution is welcome. Any amount is welcome!


Quick, unbureaucratic assistance to underprivileged people in our neighbourhood
–  Purchase of basic food stuffs (e.g., oil, flour, lentils) for needy families with children
–  Urgently needed medical assistance (hospital / dr visit, purchase of medication)
–  Purchase of meals for small, malnourished children from the ragpicker caste
Every contribution is welcome!


Bal Basera Seva Sansthan
In the two orphanages HIV-infected girls and boys have found a home. In Bal Basera they not only get a shelter with lots of love and care. They also obtain appropriate medication, healthy nutrition, and schooling.
To provide urgently needed assistance to the more than 80 children living in the two Bal Basera Child Care Homes, we need your support towards the following purchases / expenses:
–  Special medication for HIV infected girls and boys
–  School books, pencils, paper; computers and printers/scanners
–  Basic food stuffs (e.g., oil, flour, lentils), and clothes
–  Maintenance / replacement of infrastructure, such as fans, water coolers, washing machines, etc.
Every contribution is welcome!


Thank you very much for your valuable support!