School uniforms and learning material for 150 children in Shahpura

On July 1, 2017 150 girls and boys from underprivileged families will be going to the ARYA SAMAJ School in Shahpura.
ANSHULA is donating all the compulsory school uniforms, the necessary learning material, as well as the school bags.
The school fees for the children at the ARYA SAMAJ School are fully financed by the «Sudarshan Deo Charitable Trust».

Hardware for Bal Basera, Jodhpur

In the two BAL BASERA SEVA SANSTHAN Homes presently 85 girls and boys are living – they all are orphans or semi-orphans and HIV-infected.
At the Boys’ Home, a new inverter battery was needed in order to keep at least emergency lights and ceiling fans operating during the many power cuts.
At the Girls’ Home the very old washing machine broke down and needed to be replaced.
ANSHULA financed the new hardware.

Detailed informationen on the children, as well as on the organizations and projects can be found under: Semi-annual report 2017