The new school year starts on July 1, 2017 and ends on June 30, 2018. Thanks to our sponsors, ANSHULA can assume various school fees and thus enable underprivileged children from the Dalit caste to start school or to continue with their schooling. Some are now also able to re-enter school, which they had to interrupt due to lack of funds.

On July 1, 2017 Navya «Prianzy» Sisodiya and Pari Jawa will newly start Nursery class at the «Vikram Public School» in Jodhpur.



Thanks to ANSHULA, Mayank Kanadara can go back to school. He will start 1st class, his sister Priyanka will begin Nursery class. Both will attend the «Maharshi Gautam Senior Secondary» Schule in Jodhpur.


Also Shorab Shiyama can re-enter school thanks to ANSHULA. The smart boy will attend 9th class at the «Holy Spirit Senior Secondary» Schule in Jodhpur.

Hritik Jawa and his sister Aanshu are receiving a partial scholarship from the Sambhali Scholarship Project. As the parents are unable to finance the missing amount, ANSHULA will cover the difference, as well as learning material, booksets, schooluniforms, and where necessary fees for tuition. Hritik will start 12th class, his sister Aanshu 9th class. Both are attending the «Holy Spirit Senior Secondary» Schule in Jodhpur.

Our two protégés Abhishek und Gaurav Rani received their 2nd school reporting cards:
Gaurav ranked 1st, his brother Abhishek 2nd in their classes!
Both boys are studying eagerly and with joy and are a living proof that ability and intelligence are not dependent on gender or caste!

For some of the children of the Sambhali Scholarship Project no sponsors were found for the new school year 2017/2018. ANSHULA will thus assume the school fees for the upcoming school year for the following 6 children:
Rani und Kartik Nimbawat -both 1st class, Saint Johns School, Jodhpur
Poonam Davarka – 2nd class, Saint Johns School, Jodhpur
Kajal Gharu – 4th class, Sumer Shikshan Sansthan, Jodhpur
Sadhna Gharu – 5th class, Sumer Shikshan Sansthan, Jodhpur
Divyanshu Dharu – 5th class, Noble International School, Jodhpur

Last but not least ANSHULA is paying the school fees for a further, highly bright and gifted girl. Thanks to our sponsors, Yashwini Meghwal is able to continue school.

She will start 1st class at the «Sophia Higher Secondary School» in Ajmer.

Detailed informationen on the children, as well as on the organizations and projects can be found under:  Semi-annual report 2017