Thanks to all our donors and sponsors, ANSHULA was able to spend INR 42,39 lakh/CHF 64’000.00 on various projects in Jodhpur and rural Rajasthan during the first half-year 2017:

INR 265,000       for school fees 2017/2018 (Jodhpur and Ajmer/Distr.  Ajmer)
INR 333,000       for “Hardware” (Bal Basera, Jodhpur and «The Sudarshan Deo Trust», Shahpura)
INR 1.986.000    for Empowerment Centers «Abhaya» and «Fatima»  in Jodhpur
INR 1.655.000    for the Sambhali «Sheerni» Boarding Home in Jodhpur

A very big THANK YOU to all for your fantastic support!