Abhishek and Gaurav

Friday, January 20, 2017

The parents of Abhishek and Gaurav Jogesh are from the Thar desert. Due to lack of work in his desert village, the father came to Jodhpur some years ago where he is running a small handicraft business. In January 2016 his wife followed with their 2 small boys, having been constantly mistreated by family and relatives in the desert. The four of them are living in a small room in our neighborhood. There is no money to send the children to school.

Since October 2016 ANSHULA has been assuming the school fees for Abhishek and Gaurav Jogesh, two small, curious and very talented boys from the Dalit caste

After school (which is held Monday to Saturday from 07:30 – 12:00 hrs), we assist and motivate the two boys with their homework. We are trying daily to keep them from feeding on toffees and other sweets by giving them fresh fruits and vegetable sticks with a joghurt dip. A snack which they meanwhile have come to really like. This Friday they very proudly presented – along with their happy dad – their first school report cards. And as a treat for their very good reports they got some chocolate…

Their “adopted” Dadi Ji (grandmother Silvia) and Dada Ji (grandfather Rolf) are equally proud of the excellent achievements of their protégés!

Abhishek Report Card

Gaurav Report Card