Tuesday, December 20, 2016:


After a meeting at Durag Niwas with Govind Singh Rathore of SAMBHALI Trust we were witness to the darker side of living in India: Pooja Jogi’s family who was living on the sidewalk of a main road in Jodhpur has lost everything. Thanks to ANSHULA, Pooja herself was admitted to the Sambhali Boarding Home on December 1, while her family continues to live on the street.
Due to a 2-day visit of Rajasthan Chief Ministerin Vasundhara Raje, Jodhpur’s main roads were cleaned of all the ragpickers living there. Their shacks were destroyed, including their few belongings…


Thanks to some blankets from the ANSHULA stock and warm winter clothes, which Silvia’s mother had brought from Switzerland, we were able to contribute a bit to make living on the street in the cold Jodhpur nights a bit more bearable for the family.


The pictures of the misery and the gratitude of the people will remain with Silvia, Doris and me all our life. At the same time, such incidents enhance our desire to continue our work here and to make a difference even with limited means!