In December 2015 our house is pretty much ready and we are finally moving in.


The windows are still missing, which is not very pleasant in the cold Jodhpur winter. But thanks to a small electric heater we survive the first winter pretty much “undamaged”.


Likewise, our first monsoon which reached Jodhpur in August 2016 is behind us. The heaviest rainfalls since 1965 not only flooded streets and fields, but partially also our new home!


Trying to avoid the potholes, which maybe some day might be repaired.


In Jodhpur, rainfalls or strong winds also mean power cuts as the cables for the power distribution are hanging about loosely and are therefore pretty much unprotect.


Despite all the odds, we are very much at ease and feel at home in our Kili Khana area. Our daily chats and chai with friends, neighbors, the vegetable vendors or the postman make up for all the inconveniences…