A safe place for Leela and Pooja

Thanks to various, generous donations ANSHULA has been able to finance the stay and schooling of these two Dalit girls at the Sambhali-Boarding Home until June 30, 2017.

Leela Nayak is from Setrawa, a desert village near Jodhpur. She has 2 elder brothers and 1 younger brother. Her mother died when Leela was 4 years old. Her father, a truck driver, got infectd with HIV. He married again and now his new wife and Leela’s small stepbrother have been infected with HIV as well.

To save Leela from a potential HIV infection, she has been admitted to the Sambhali-Boarding Home.

Pooja Nayak is from the desert village Solankiya Tala, Shergarh. Having been born as the 4th girl in the family, she was unwanted, abused, mistreated and consequently sustained severe leg- and back injuries.
Her leg was operated in Jodhpur. Pooja is now able to walk with a limp, but free of pain.

At the Sambhali-Boarding Home, both Leela and Pooja get solid, basic schooling at the private “Galaxy Public School” in the BJS Colony in Jodhpur. Additionally, they attend special courses by Sambhali volunteers in topics such as healthy nutrition, hygiene, self defense, no-bad-touch etc.