Palak, Silvia and Roshani

Happy Sunita

Living on the Gantaghar Market in Jodhpur


For more than a year, the story of Sunita and her 3 small children has moved our hearts. Sunita is a young, married woman from the caste of the untouchables. She used to sell saris on the street; the girls were neglected, malnourished and generally in a miserable state. The baby was born in December 2015 and has the weight of a 3 month old child.


Over time, Silvia became their “grandmother”, having strictly refused to adopt the baby. Silvia and I have always tried to assist with small things, like buying food and clothes for the children. Sunita’s husband is an alcoholic. He used to beat Sunita and the children – arm in a cast, bruised eyes, the usual story. On December 25, 2016 the family had lost their primitive home, being unable to pay the rent. Sunita was raped on the street and it would have been a matter of time until the children would have been sexually assaulted as well.


Thanks to the ANSHULA Emergency Fund, we were able on December 26 to move Sunita and her children from the street to the Sambhali Boarding home. The financing has so far been guaranteed until the end of March 2017.


Sunita was offered a job as cook in the Boarding home, so she can be with her children. Sadna, the baby, is presently undergoing medical treatment to have her dewormed and well nourished. The 2 older girls are 8 ½ and 9 ½ years old, but from posture they are like 4 and 5 year old children.


After some initial difficulties at the Boarding home – sometimes it takes “free birds” some time to get used to living in a “cage”, they are now very happy and fully integrated. Soon Palak and Roshani can go to school, for which Palak thanked Silvia with a big smile and a shy kiss on the hand..