In November 2011 during a tour through Northern India, Rolf and I fell in love with the bubbly, noisy and colorful Jodhpur in the frugal desert State, with its royal palaces, warm-hearted people and wonderful spicy food. It became our dream to be able to live here one day.


We start spending our holidays in the Blue City, as Jodhpur is also called – due to the many blue-colored buildings. We make friends, stroll about the city and the markets and feel very much at ease and at home. We love the sound of the temple bells and the calls of the muezzins from the many mosques.
In August 2014 we find a very old, cute blue house in the old town of Jodhpur, the walled city, which we have renovated over a period of 1.5 years.


Our dream home – with the most gorgeous view of the fort and the city in the whole of Jodhpur.


In March 2015 we decide to move to Jodhpur, which is earlier than originally planned, i.e., before my retirement. Thanks to the many contacts to local people, we already have some ideas about what to do in our new home country.