We take our responsibility very seriously and are committed to working for the common good


Dr. Heike Virmond

Dr. Heike Virmond

Founding member, Association chairwoman Switzerland

«For me as a woman it has always been important to be able to shape my life independently. This value I am now passing on to my daughter and am hoping, with ANSHULA, to give new options and perspectives to the women of Jodhpur to enable them as well to shape their lives the way they want.»

Silvia Kunz-Domenig

im Singhvi's....

Founding member, Chairwoman

«India welcomed me with open arms. I am very happy to be able to live here. Through ANSHULA I would like to contribute to the happiness of others.»

Rolf Kunz


Founding member

«During my present life I won’t be able to change the Indian patriarchate – even though it would be of dire necessity! I am therefore trying small-scale to help the women and girls to have a bit of a more dignified life.»

Doris Domenig-Wegmann

Founding member

«Through ANSHULA I am able to trustingly and sustainably support underprivileged women and children in the adopted country of my daughter. The personal engagement of my daughter and my son-in-law guarantees that my financial support is used carefully and sensibly.»

Nadia Touchal


Association member, Cashier, Webdesign

«My heart’s desire to be part of a good cause has come true with ANSHULA. I trust Silvia and Rolf, and I very happily support their committed engagement on location in India – to the best of my abilities.»

Daria Paukert

Vereinsmitglied, Webdesign

«When I raised my daughters, it was important to me that they should become free, independent and responsible persons. I wish for all people to have this choice. ANSHULA acts just there, by offering education, and with this hope and the option to have a more self-determined life.»